Chai & Chat with – Joy Tan


“How has your yoga practice changed for you after marriage?”


Wedding prep for my husband and I started a year before our actual day. We spent our weekday evenings planning and meeting vendors. My yoga practice was inevitably shortened but I comforted myself with the idea that I can resume my studio practices after marriage, this time with my husband in tow. We would be the globe trotting yoga couple taking yoga pictures by picturesque beaches, chilling on a hammock and injecting coconut juice into our veins.

Yoga was my life, so much that our vows dictated that my husband join me in yoga classes while I don red jerseys and cheer alongside him in the spectator stand at soccer matches. Like dutiful newlyweds, we were conscientious in carrying out our vows. Despite him being naturally inflexible, he gritted his teeth through the yoga classes. I always search his face for signs of post yoga glow at the end of Savasana, but he would bemoan that classes were too tough or the instructor was too fierce. Soon, he hooked me on the ‘couples who keep fit together, stay together’ ideology.

Since yoga was not his cup of tea, I traded peaceful yoga evenings for sweaty outdoor HIIT sessions and loud, heart – thumping indoor spinning and boxing classes. It was great couple time spent together, but I could feel my hips and shoulders getting tighter each time I step onto the mat. I was able to do my own stretches to counter the tightness but my husband once again gritted through what he termed ‘a good ache’. After I took my chance and made him agree that he’s lucky to have a yoga teacher wife, we did some pigeon stretches and child’s poses. He had a post yoga glow after, but he still refuses to admit it. Well, you know one when you see one.

Now, I keep to my yoga practices over the weekend when the husband is on his own passion pursuits, but weekdays usually see us exercising together. I may not have kept up with my asana yoga practice as envisioned, but the yoga has manifested itself in other aspects of my life.

If the aim of yoga is to gain balance and control of one’s life, then maybe we are on the right track there. (Just for the record, when I said he attended yoga classes, he attended a grand total of 2 classes, the bare minimum to use the plural noun ‘classes’. )