In all your experience of teaching the different types of yoga classes, which is your favourite and why?

The practice of yoga has evolved with our modern lifestyles and as long as we continue to adapt our way of life, we will also need to adapt our yoga practices to get the most out of the time that we are on our mats.

In my personal journey as a student and teacher, I have opened myself to try as many different types of classes as I can and my goal was to find what worked for me and what didn’t. It is difficult for me to say which is my favourite type of class because I feel that each has its own purpose and benefits, and at different times of our lives and according to our own conditions, we need to adapt our practice to suit what works best for each unique person.

During these uncertain and stressful times, there is ever more need for yoga and especially for mindfulness and compassion with our own self and towards others. This calls for deepening our yoga practice towards our inner focus of the mental and emotional wellbeing. In my view, classes such as Restorative or Yin are very beneficial to calm our anxieties and cultivate mindfulness. Whereas classes that are more physically active would be very beneficial to maintain our overall fitness and general health. Above all, maintain a positive spirit amidst the challenging environment and let your positive energies shine through to help uplift those around you.

I have always believed that yoga is a lifelong journey of self-discovery in the continuous pursuit of our basic desire for happiness and sense of wellbeing. Every personal experience is different and there is no one-size-fit-all recipe for success. The only secret to success is practice, practice and practice.