Chai & Chat – with Karen Tan

Question: “You teach Yoga, Pilates, and found The Mala Company, what are your plans for the near future?

Answer: First of all, thank you for posting this question to me. This is indeed something that is always on my mind – what’s next?

I count my blessing for being to progress on from my previous banking career to pursuing my love of sharing the goodness of Yoga and pilates. Some see it as a change of plans but personally, from my own experience of being an engineer to a banker to now your yoga/pilates teacher, every step is a progression. Every step I gain more knowledge, more exposure and understand life a little bit more. There is so much more meaning to all that I’m working on when I am able to share teachings to everyone who comes to my class and have a positive impact on their yoga/pilates learning journey.

Sometimes I find it puzzling too – how to relate the image of AOY’s Core Work teacher (think sweaty holds in plank pose or arm balances) to someone with crafty hands who designs intention jewellery for The Mala Company (TMC). Yes it is yours truly. This was a dream I’ve envisioned in 2017 and it is still a work in progress. Beading mala necklaces and intention jewellery is a meditation practice on its own and I’m still on this.

So what is next for me? With 2020 being a year of constant changes, I might have slowed down a little bit this year but I never stop learning. I have plans to continue training for other apparatus in the Pilates system, grow TMC locally, maybe venture into setting up a coffee stall selling the best local coffee in the neighbourhood. Who knows?

All in all, I always believe in: Learn more, share more and live life big.