“What do you love most about teaching prenatal yoga?”

I have been teaching yoga for slightly more than ten years. For me teaching yoga is how I share my love for the practise. Since practising yoga makes me feel good, I teach yoga with the hope that I can make someone else feel good about their practise. When I teach yoga, I try to keep it as real as possible, gently reminding my participants that the asanas they see on social media are not achieved in a single day. Constant practise is the magic component needed to reach those asana goals.

After four years of yoga teaching, I decided to do more and be certified to teach pre & post natal yoga also. The learning and teaching of pre & post natal yoga is the most satisfying in my yoga journey. This is where I get to help expecting ladies to be comfortable in their bodies, guide them on how to grow stronger through movement, assist them in pain relief/management, and share whatever knowledge and experience I have with them with the hope that what I shared will prepare them for their big day and reduce their fear of the unknown.

For me teaching prenatal yoga is a privilege because it is a special time in a woman’s life that she is sharing with me.