Shwetha Venkideswaran

What have you learned from teaching classes online? How have your adapted teaching yoga in a traditional way to now having to teach it online and being physically apart from your students?”

As much as I love teaching online now, it was a daunting thought for me to ever move or start my classes online. One of the favourite parts about teaching yoga is the personal touch, the exchange of energy in a class. I couldn’t even imagine sharing that vibe through an online class, without physical presence.

But when the COVID-19 escalated at such a pace that there were no many options but to completely suspend the classes or move online, the latter came as an obvious choice for me. Initial struggle of getting used to technology was hard for both me and the students. There were a lot of technical glitches, sound quality issues, but the beautiful souls who were part of my classes were not just forgiving but highly encouraging! We slowly learnt together to adapt after making 1000s of mistakes (still making them :D)

Being a strong advocate of safe yoga practice, one of my biggest fears while moving online was, how well my cueing reached the students and I was hoping hard that they were practicing safe and not just copying the shapes they see on the screen (I am guilty of doing that as well!) This made me work harder on my cueing techniques and work everyday to make it a little better for the students.

The learning curve of moving online was pretty sharp. Adapting to technology, sound and visual quality and set up, finding a mess free corner to teach in the house :D, learning to cue in a way that they actually understood, practicing while cueing (Oh boy! that is one difficult task.) and the list goes on. But the most important realisation was that, even without the physical presence, yoga had the power of energy exchange!

Every smile of positivity on the face of my students post the class, makes all the efforts worth it!

Shwetha teaches weekly Wednesday at 4:15pm and 5:30pm. Take the chance to catch her in the studio and say hi!