Channel News Asia’s Presenter – Dawn Tan talks about Tim Senesi

Check out what CNA presenter Dawn Tan has to say about internationally renowned Yoga teacher Tim Senesi!

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“I have been a yoga practitioner for some 20 years. In all that time I have been fortunate to train with some of the best teachers around the world. One of those teachers is California-based Tim Senesi. He’s been my teacher for over 5 years now and has a wonderful, authentic guided practice. On top of that Tim is simply a great soul. He is full of graciousness and good humour and deeply believes in sharing knowledge that means  better health for all.

Although Iyengar based with modifications, Tim has his own distinct style and is mindful to take each students needs into account in his class. His classes are transformative and an effective way to deepen one’s practice, gain strength, flexibility, balance and confidence, no matter what level of yoga you happen to be at! Through Tim’s approach I’ve learnt to approach challenges, even beyond yoga, with more compassion and patience. I’ve learnt  to embrace mind and body, it’s limitations and the limitless possibilities mindful living offers, at any age.

I attended a weeklong yoga retreat in Bali with Tim in 2018 and came away with renewed enthusiasm for my practice and the reminder that when we drop our push for control, for progress, we can instead stay present and as Tim teaches, enter the soul warrior’s world.”