“Tell us about why/how you got into yoga”

 It was a regular day in 2012 when I was carrying my young son and I sneezed. Next thing I knew my back was out and I couldn’t stand up straight. I had to spend the next 2 weeks in bed. The chiropractor recommended some stretching exercises as I had a pronounced lordortic curve which meant I had limited movement in my lower back.

My friend recommended me her yoga studio. I didn’t enjoy the first class nor the next but I signed up for a package anyway to show support for my friend. Then during one of the yoga classes,

I saw students around me carrying their entire body weight on their arms – arm balances.

I can’t remember their exact pose but that filled me with a deep sense of awe!!

Since then, I’ve been practicing daily and enjoying myself immensely. Apart from the physical benefits of strength and flexibility, it’s the inward journey within that has continued to enthrall me.

As a fellow yogi, I really hope to share my passion with all of you reading this!! Hope to see you real soon on the mat!!