Face Yoga


The practice of Face Yoga is a combination of facial exercises, acupressure and massaging techniques that help stimulate facial muscles, relieve tension and stimulate blood circulation to the face & neck area leading to taught, bright & wrinkle-free face. Basis studies conducted by American Medical Association, regular practice of Face Yoga slows down the impact of ageing on your facial skin and in most cases reverses the damage caused by the ageing and exposure to harsh weather.

Much like other parts of our body that are supported by muscles, under the 3 layers of facial skin are multiple muscles that support the skin on our face, these are a combination of large and multiple small muscles and help manage the movement of facial skin. As part of the ageing process, skin loses elasticity & moisture due to loss of Collagen and Elastin and reduced production of Hyaluronic acid and starts to sag as the underlying facial muscles also lose strength thereby unable to support the facial skin.

Daily practice of Face Yoga strengthens and activates the sleeping muscles to tone the skin, exercises help with blood circulation bringing more oxygen to the face area – adding to firmer, glowing skin and fewer wrinkles. With targeted practice one can activate various facial muscles for a symmetrical face, tighter jawline, sculpted cheeks, plumper mouth and bright shiny eyes. Designed to combat aging, these exercises can help smooth lines, lift the skin around the eyes, tone cheeks and tighten neck & jaw area.

Face yoga focuses strongly on the wellbeing of our inner self. The changes we are able to bring about through our regular practice help build up our spirit and self esteem. It almost gives us the power for bringing about self change and moving through our lives more confidently, spreading laughter not the laugh lines.

Suitable for all age-groups above 20, one can practice Face Yoga in a studio or in the comfort of your home, all you need is clean hands, hand mirror, facial serum/ lotion (optional), and comfortable seating (mat or chair). Set your intention, realise the power within you and let’s get started on this journey self-healing by igniting the energy, the life force within each one of us that helps us love, laugh and heal.

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