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Yoga and wellness activities for corporates  help  to rediscover mind and body and therefore create healthier relationships, develop better ethics and productivity and increase motivation and self esteem. Yoga is not only physical… we must be educated and guided. That is why we propose customized YOGA EDUCATION packages and not only simple one hour yoga sessions.

We need to really deepen our mind, deepen our soul and open our hearts to really get the true benefits of yoga. This is our true focus towards sharing the yoga experience… It is not only about stretching.. it’s much more than that!

SG Workplace Health Promotion Grant

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) has a great funding scheme called Workplace Health Promotion Grant. The fund provides financial support to corporations who want to start health programs to improve health and well being of their employees. A corporate yoga practice program is eligible for a Workplace Health Promotion Grant.

Corporate Class Pass

For Studio Group Classes

50 Class Pass

S$ 1000

100 Class Pass

S$ 1700


  • Class passes are valid for studio’s group classes only
  • Date of first attendance is date of activation
  • Valid for 6 months from the first class and strictly ​non-extendable.
  • All expired class credits will lapse and cannot be carried forward.
  • Can be purchased by any appointed representative of the company.
  • Two hours cancellation policy applies.

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