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COVID-19 Measures

COVID-19 measures are updated promptly by referencing the guidelines and measures set by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Multi-Ministry Taskforce.

SafeEntry QR code

SafeEntry QR codes can be found in the entrance to the studio. If this option is not available for you, a declaration form will be provided instead.

It is mandatory for ALL students to check in and out.

Masks & Temperature Taking

Masks MUST be wore at all times and only be allowed to remove during the class session.

Temperature taking will be done before entering the studio. Anyone with a temperature higher than 37.5C or exhibits cough/flu – like symptoms will be asked to leave.

Hand Sanitisers

Sensor-operated hand sanitisers will be available in the following places:

  • Near entrance the studio.
  • Near the hand-washing stations.
  • Near the washrooms.

Social Distancing

Please be mindful and respectful to others and observe social distancing by maintaining the 1-metre distance between each other.

Markings are found throughout the studio.

Yoga towel, Face Towel, etc

You are highly encouraged to bring your own yoga mat, props ( still provided) or mat towel and mandatory to bring a face towel for hygiene purposes.

If you are attending a yin or restorative class, we appreciate it if you could bring an extra cloth or towel for when using the bolsters.

Mat and face towels are available for purchase at our retail corner.

Cleaning Etiquette

You are responsible to wipe down the mat and props after use with the cleaning solution and paper towels provided.

Once done, please help to keep the props in the designated areas and dispose the paper towels in the bin.

Our cleaning solutions contain at least 70% alc. level, which is effective in killing the virus and bacteria.

No Hanging Out In Common Areas

We ask that you do not hang out in the common area after the class. If you have any questions, please contact us via whatsapp, online chats or email.

Live Stream Classes Available

Live stream classes are available for those who are not comfortable to returning to the studio and it is done via Zoom.

As the recordings are from a live class, the teacher may not remain on the mat through out.

Classes that are available for livestream are marked with the prefix ‘VIRTUAL’ . Booking schedule can be found here.