Dear AoY family,

I am sure you have all been closely following the developments of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, which has now been declared a pandemic. I have been occupying myself by reading up all that I can on this situation. Following the Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong’s address on Thursday, 12th March, I have finally decided that the time has come to take some concrete action for the health and safety of AoY’s beloved teachers and their students i.e. YOU.

As of Monday, 16th March, Art of Yoga studios will be closed for six days, until Saturday, 21st March.

From the time this epidemic began, I was under the illusion that it could never happen to me or my loved ones. And even if it did, most of us are young and healthy and the illness would most likely be a mild one anyway. The only people I had to worry about were the elderly, so I would gently caution them to always stay home and go out only when absolutely necessary.

Then when the situation got worse, I told myself that as long as I washed my hands regularly and refrained from touching my face, I would be fine. After all, it’s just a flu.

Nevertheless, we made sure to implement proper measures in Art of Yoga such as reducing the maximum number of students in each class, disinfection of commonly touched surfaces, cleaning our floors and props and airing our studios several times a day, temperature-taking, reminding everyone who came through the door to wash their hands and then also providing hand sanitizers.

The severe outbreaks in China, South Korea and Iran, still didn’t quite resonate with me. I understood them as having specific reasons unique to that country that didn’t apply to us in Singapore.

Then the virus started making an aggressive appearance in developed western European countries. Only then did I sit up and start to take notice. And I realized that this could happen to any country. Ours included.

We’ve just been so fortunate that measures were put in place early and effectively that the situation here in Singapore is ‘under control’. We went to DORSCON Orange the moment the first cases of community spread was detected. Our government made this hard decision when most other countries were sitting back and waiting and seeing and many opined that it was too drastic a measure to implement. But look at where are now. NOwhere near the top of the list of affected countries anymore.

So with all that sobering news, I believe is my duty to contribute to the ongoing efforts to control this outbreak and do our part in flattening the curve. It doesn’t matter that we are not a ‘big’ yoga studio or that we don’t have many students compared to other places.

If everyone thinks that this is someone else’s problem to deal with then it won’t be long before we will find ourselves in a situation that we never thought would happen to us. Everyone has to do their part. And because the virus is so easily caught, the most effective way of stemming its spread is by social distancing.

In the meantime, we will take this opportunity to do a deep clean of our studios so that everything will be shiny and new when you come back and most importantly, sanitized!

Yogis, believe me when I say that it wasn’t easy for me to make this decision. We are a boutique yoga studio. Which means that every dollar that we earn is important to us. Closing shop for a week means no business for a week and no work for our teachers for week. But I had to consider the big picture before profits. We take your health and safety seriously.

As for your passes, we will be extending their validity for that same number of days that we are closed. Since we will be busy sanitizing our premises we may not get to do the extension immediately. Should you notice that your package has not been extended by 23 March, please reach out to us and will do sort it out.

So I do hope that you will continue lending us your support when we re-open next week. I hope to see everyone feeling safe and comfortable in class thanks to all the pre-emptive measures that we have taken. Take care everyone. And see you very soon!


In Love and Light,



Students who have returned from all international travel should not visit the studio for 14 days from their date of arrival in Singapore.

Please contact us for pass extension.Anyone who displays flu-like symptoms will not be allowed to attend our classes.Students are highly recommended to bring along their own

– Face Towel

– Water Bottle

– Mat Towels/Mats

for classes. Please help us to wipe down the mats and props after class with the disinfectant spray provided.

There will be minimal hands-on adjustments in classes during this time.Temperature checks will be implemented.

High touch areas will be cleaned and disinfected frequently.
Our bolsters, straps and cushions will be steam-cleaned regularly.