In this day and age of so many options for yoga classes out there, it can be almost impossible to decide which one to try. In addition to that, with all your responsibilities towards work, family and hardly any time for yourself, no wonder you can’t seem to take that step and start that yoga journey you’ve been wanting to for the longest time!

Sign up for our 5-Class Starter Pack and find just the right style for yourself from our wide range of classes with guidance from our experienced and supportive team of teachers.

Get 5-Class Starter Pack

Get healthy holistically, banish stress, restore inner peace and get fit along the way

Every body is different. And we get it.

AoY is a great place to start your yoga journey as a beginner. Our classes are multi-level and our teachers are caring and supportive.

They will spend the time to guide you through a practice that is most beneficial for YOU.

Explore until you find just the right style for yourself

Try out different types of yoga with our wide variety of classes.

Save on those medical bills to come.

You can look forward to better health and fitness for both your body and mind.


Check out the wide variety of classes available

Are you ready to take the plunge and discover for yourself all the awesomeness that yoga has to offer?

From stress reduction, pain management and weight loss yoga has it all.

Art of Yoga will support you in your quest for mind-body balance.

Register and purchase your Starter Pack today and enjoy the opportunity to try out FIVE different classes of your choice at our beautiful studio!

Starter Pack - 5 Passes @ S$70

*Applicable for first time students of Art Of Yoga.

*Valid for 7 days. Period of validity activates from the date of first class booked.

* Starter pack runs consecutively for 7 days.

* Starter Pack cannot be shared or extended.

*Strictly non-extendable beyond 7 days validity.

*Applicable for all classes except Prenatal.