Carissa Lin

1) When and how did you first start practising?

I first stumbled on yoga through the coupon deal. I was still studying back then and it was one of the more affordable options available.
Bought the coupon, and happily attended the class not knowing what I was getting into (yoga wasn’t very popular then). First class had me SWEATING buckets! It turned whatever impression of yoga I had backed then upside down 😀 Didn’t know yoga could kick up such a sweat and I just had to go back for more!

2) How you feel or what did you think after that first time?

That was quite a blur haha! Definitely light headed and really sweaty as it was hot yoga. Thought I was gonna pass out haha!

3) What inspired you to teach? And why do you continue to teach?

Seeing students brave their fears and share many of their firsts with you is truly rewarding.
It truly makes me happy when they tell me they’ve had a long day and yoga made them feel so good!

4) How has your practice affected your life and perspective on it?

I’m a lot calmer and less anxious! When I have problems, I roll out my mat and do yoga. It helps to clears my mind, and I’m better able to see things and solve the issues I have at hand.

5) Share something fun about yourself.

I’m a true blue Singaporean who loves her food! But I have another stomach for desserts! I just adore them! Kuehs and chocolates rank high among my favourites!

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