Hazel Kok

1) When and how did you first start practising?

I started practicing Yoga since year 2009 while I was working in the bank. I was encouraged by my friend to start a regular yoga practice to cope with my stress at work and back pain. It all started with just one class at a local boutique studio and then I kept going back for more classes.


2) How you feel or what did you think after that first time?

The first session was very challenging! I could not do most of the poses taught but the energy of the class was fun and the teacher was very encouraging. He was patient and assisted me in the postures in class. I felt really good especially with his hands on adjustment and made me feel safe and assured. That is a big plus factor for me to keep going for more.


3) What inspired you to teach? And why do you continue to teach?

Many of my friends around me are facing stress at work and my mother was suffering from chronic illness. I am inspired by how yoga practice can help me cope with stress and to able to help people around me feel better. That led me into taking up Yoga teacher training course and has been teaching ever then. Teaching is an art of sharing knowledge with people from all walks of life. It is a joy and the feeling of accomplishment to witness the healing process of my students with the art of yoga. This is the main motivation factor as it reminds me of why I started yoga and it kept me going.


4) How has your practice affected your life and perspective on it?

Yoga has made a huge impact in my life. It teaches me patience, tolerance and acceptance. It makes me more grounded and at ease with myself. I have learnt to love myself more and am a happier person than the past


5) Share something fun about Hazel

I love cats but unable to own them at home. Hence, Cat Yoga was formed where I can have the company of cats and do yoga at the same time! Oh, I love essential oils too. I am often seen carrying a pouch full of essential oils so that I can use them whenever I want. Currently, I am learning to blend my own oils and to use them in my yoga classes and practice. So you are in for a treat when you come for classes with me. Or simply just ask me for a drop of oil to make you smell heavenly good.