Natalie Lim

My yoga ‘journey’ started when I selected yoga as an alternative form of exercise while my knee injury healed. I did long distance running almost daily before my knee suffered. When a colleague first introduced me to yoga I was skeptical, I remember wondering if it would be challenging enough to sustain my interest. At the end of my first class, I realised that I didn’t know my body at all. I was stiff from all the years of running, I couldn’t bend, twist and even balance well! I told myself that I needed to change and started attending classes at a gym and slowly fell in love with yoga and how calm it made me feel each time I stepped on my mat. I then started practising on my own at home before finally sealing my love affair with yoga by taking the teacher’s training. The rest is history.

For me as a teacher, it is an honour to be able to share a student’s journey no matter how brief.

My advise for students would be to find a teacher that they are comfortable with, someone whom they can trust to take them on this journey of life. And when they find that teacher, to stick with him or her and learn everything he/she has to offer. A good teacher will teach you more than asanas, he/she will bring you to realise that yoga is about the journey AND the process. The goal is not to get into the asanas but to enjoy and learn in the journey to the asanas.

So much is happening in the yoga world; scandals, lawsuits, competitions, etc. It is ironic since the very meaning of yoga is union. The preoccupation for money and fame has changed yoga so much that I don’t even see the ‘yoga’ in yoga anymore. Let us remember that yoga is union not division, and hopefully we can go back to simple times back when yoga was really yoga and all we need is to focus on our breath, gaze and pose.