Pamela Tan

1) When and how did you first start practising?

It was more than 10 years ago when I had lower back & neck issues which doctor diagnosed as “soft-bone degeneration” (which sounded rather scary then).  At that time, I was busy with my young children and didn’t have time for exercise. After treatment, I started to explore the various form of exercises which I could adopt and realised that I have always been interested in Yoga as a teenager but at that time, didn’t know it was actually yoga!  It was a shoulder-stand pose (Sarvangasana) which I saw in a magazine that left a strong impression on my mind until today!

2) How you feel or what did you think after that first time?

It was during the time when i was still being treated for lower back & neck pain, where I first tried yoga. It was a studio in the east and when it closed down, my instructor formed a group for her regulars to attend. Rain or shine, the class was on every Sunday and I’ve never looked back since! After a series of sessions, the pain improved as well. Kristine was a good teacher and I’ve always appreciated what she had taught us. 

3) What inspired you to teach? And why do you continue to teach?

Those Sundays I’ve spent on the yoga mat made me realised that in order to stay fit, one has to make it a lifestyle. As yoga touches on every aspect of one’s life – it dawned on me that it is an ideal form of addressing our mental, physical and emotional health. Thus, I decided that when the time was right for me to leave the corporate world. Yoga will be the path to take and teaching will give me the discipline that I need and being able to share what I’ve learnt and in return, help others to improve their life was the greatest motivator. Having experienced the phase of self-awareness & self-discovery, I can empathise and feel compassion for others in their self-journey……. and now I’m into Chair Yoga for Seniors too because I reckon one day I will also have to enter that phase.

4) How has your practice affected your life and perspective on it?

There was a period when my mum was getting frail and work was very stressful but yoga helped me by keeping my emotions and professionalism in balance.  The final push to teach was when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2012. I took a 5-month break and decided to do something worthwhile while recuperating. 

5) Share something fun about Pamela.

On days when I’m not on the mat, you will see me arranging something beautiful. I love floral arrangements and arts – it’s exhilarating when you let your creativity flows 🙂


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