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This little studio was founded out of a sheer love of the practice and a desire to create a community committed to understanding themselves better.
Where our teachers are passionate and dedicated towards helping each students in his or her yoga journey.
Have a read on our teacher’s profile to learn what sparks or inspires them to teach.
Annie Gan
Annie Gan embraces that yoga as a lifelong personal practice for the overall wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. In her teaching, she tailors each class to the needs of the student and creates a safe space for each student to progress at their own pace.
Arti Daryanani
Arti Daryanani is a wellness practitioner and life coach, and a firm believer in wellness through movement. An experienced yoga and meditation instructor of almost 20 years, Arti is also certified in the Yamuna® Body Rolling method and GYROKINESIS® exercise.
Cheryl Tan
Cheryl Tan's passion in social justice and mental illness awareness drive her to be of service to the Earth and her people. Today, she is the founder of The Breathe Movement, and Festival Director for the Singapore Mental Health Film Festival 2019.
Christina Chiok
Christina has been practicing yoga since 2007 and started teaching in 2017. Students can expect to feel refreshed and balanced by end of her class.
Joy Tan
Joy Tan is a self-proclaimed couch potato that was never really physically active until her late teens. She took her 200-hr yoga teacher training certificate in 2013 and has been teaching ever since. Her first yoga class traces back eight years ago in a hot room, where she landed herself in, in a bid to lose weight.
Karen Tan
Karen's teaching style pays attention to alignment not only on the physical form, but also aims to facilitate students in cultivating equilibrium in their minds and bodies. Most importantly, her classes are aimed to make yoga accessible to everyone, creating a platform to allow students to experience the positive changes that yoga can bring to them - on and off the mat.
Kuan Tan
Kuan Tan’s yoga journey started in 2004. Like many, it began as a physical activity. Gradually, she loves the “me” time on the mat when it allows her to be grounded and be connected with her inner self. Yoga teaches her to live life with strength, compassion and bliss.
Lily Zhang
Lily Wen Yi is a drama enrichment instructor and an Indian classical dancer. Pranayama and yoga were the pre-requisite foundations for her dance training.
Nadira Mohsin
Nadira Mohsin is a KPJAYI authorized Asthanga Yoga Teacher and Co-Founder/Director at Singapore's Art of Yoga (AoY). She is responsible for managing all aspects of Art of Yoga's day-to-day operations and leads our dedicated team of yoga teachers, while also running her own full Ashtanga Mysore program 7 days a week.
Natalie Lim
Natalie Lim has been practicing yoga since 2012. Her journey began with Ashtanga yoga whilst working in the corporate world. Natalie has worked closely with individuals of different body types, providing her with a deeper understanding of physical limitations and individual pace.
Priti Sanghavi
Priti is a motivated teacher with advanced training in yoga and specialisation in Hatha yoga principles. She enjoys inspiring others to improve health and wellbeing and commit to long-term health and fitness goals.
Rose Marie Koh
Rose is passionate about sharing all that she has learned and hopes to inspire many others to embark on their own journey to wellness.
Stephanie Jain
Stephanie creates a safe space for practitioners through movement, breath, and meditation. Expect to feel welcomed and centered after each class.

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