Azmi Samdjaga

In 2005, Azmi graduated from AI Holistic School with a Diploma in Ashtanga Yoga Instruction after returning from his training in Mysore, India. That was where he studied the Ashtanga discipline under the late Shri K Patthabi Jois (from 2004), his grandson Sharath Rangaswamy (from 2015) and recently with Saraswati in 2016.

Azmi has been a full-fledged yoga teacher since 2005. To extend his holistic knowledge, he has gone through an extensive course of learning Advanced Massage and Anatomy from the Esalen Institute of Big Sur in which he studied Shiatsu, Swedish, Balinese, and Thai massage. He found those trainings had brought him deeper towards the understanding of the human body in relation to yoga practice.
Pursuing his passion in Ashtanga, Azmi attended workshops by known Ashtangis like Matthew Sweeney, Anthony Carlisi, John Scott, and David Swenson. But although he has studied under great masters, he also considers his students as his teachers, just by building a healthy and decorous relationship with them.

Having trained in dance in his teens and along with the physiological aspect of the body in massage training, he fuses them in his yoga classes and creates a sensible approach to the practice where students are allowed to cultivate total body awareness, learn acceptance in being still, practice humility in taking on a challenge but also have fun and understand what make sense to them. Since 2017, he has been pursuing his path in Sound Therapy and Yoga Anatomy.


  • Diploma in Ashtanga Yoga Instruction with Ai Holistic Yoga School
  • Advanced Ashtanga certificate with John Scott
  • Certificate in Advanced Massage with Esalen
  • Certificate in Esalen Massage Proficiency
  • Teacher Training in Dharma Yoga Wheel with Dov Vargas
  • Teacher Training in Ashtanga Instructions and Assist/Adjustment with David Swenson Teacher Training in Wall Rope with Veronica
  • Certificate in Yoga Anatomy with Tiffany Cruikshank


Ashtanga Mysore

Ashtanga Mysore

Ashtanga yoga is an ancient form of yoga taught by Vamana Rishi in the Yoga Korunta. The main components of Ashtanga yoga, as emphasised by Pattabhi Jois are; Vinyasa, Tristhana and the Six Poisons.

Ashtanga Yoga Led Class (Full and Half Series)

Ashtanga Yoga Led Class (Full and Half Series)

A traditional 90-minute class, counted in Sanskrit, that takes you through the full primary series of the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. Students are led through the vinyasas in a continuous fashion, with an emphasis on asana names and breath counts.



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