About Raihan

While many of her yogi friends started their yoga for general fitness or to heal bodily injuries, Raihan began her own practice to heal her broken heart.

In 2013, while unsuccessfully trying to handle the grief after two family tragedies where she lost her firstborn son and then her mother within months of each other, she was dragged to yoga by an eager yogi friend. Raihan only expected a “physical exercise” and as her first yoga class progressed, she definitely felt her whole body being nicely strengthened and stretched. However, by the end of the class, she was uncontrollably crying like never before. Funnily enough, after that cry, her heart felt lighte. Later, she was told by the teacher she very likely just “opened her heart” and let out all the pain that she was keeping in the past year. From that day on, she was sold; yoga truly works and she knew it literally in her heart. It was love at first cry.

Since then, regular practice led to her seeking her official teacher training in 2014, with further knowledge and various other certifications over time from esteemed yoga masters, senior teachers and fellow practitioners in Kerala, Tokyo, Nepal, New York and of course, in good ol’ Singapore, where the yoga community is growing so beautifully. Regular practice also saw her having the health, strength and steady mindfulness to naturally fall pregnant again -after doctors told her she wouldn’t be able to without medical intervention. She had a truly enjoyable pregnancy (even when she was caught in the Nepal earthquake in 2015 while four-months pregnant!) that allowed her to teach and do yoga every day till she gave birth to a healthy and happy baby boy after an easy labour.

Her own personal experiences with overcoming infertility, the pre- and post-natal process and the sacred bond between mother and child convinced Raihan to recently take up one very important certification in teaching Pre-Natal Yoga and with that, Raihan hopes to reach out to women everywhere who might be going through similar issues at whichever point of their motherhood journeys. Above all else, Raihan just wants to teach yoga till she is old and grey and wants every one to find out how good yoga is for them, as it has been for her in just a matter of a few years, starting from just one class.


Hatha Yoga or Hatha Beginners

Hatha Yoga or Hatha Beginners

Hatha Yoga typically includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises). This is a relatively slow and gentle style that is suitable for beginners or students who prefer a more relaxed class.



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