The “Mummy Shower” @ AoY – 17th May 2019

When you look at the letter ‘M’, what comes to mind?

For us at Art of Yoga, the first two words that came to mind were Mother and May (because that’s when Mother’s Day is!). This May, we chose to honor motherhood, because of the influence that mothers have in virtually all societies.

With that, the Art of Yoga team decided to host a Mummy Shower for our prenatal yoga mummies/mummies-to-be,. Similar to the intent of baby showers, we wanted to celebrate the pending birth of a child, and more importantly, the transformation of a woman into a mother.

It was a party for yoga mummies who were in their third trimester. Participants enjoyed 45 minutes of prenatal yoga, followed by a sharing session over healthy snacks such as lactation cookies! They were all freshly made by our in-house prenatal yoga teacher, Natalie.

Natalie led the mummies through a prenatal yoga session that centered around relaxation and balancing exercises, deviating from regular prenatal classes that focus on stretches.

A hot topic raised during the sharing session was the importance of Postnatal yoga. Postnatal yoga uses modified movements to help mummies recover from pregnancy and childbirth. It aids in the restoration of their minds and bodies, which in turn, eases the mummies’ process of returning to their former glory.

Additionally, it is easy for overwhelmed new mummies to neglect their bodies when there is a newborn to care for. Working on yoga postures in the Postnatal sessions creates awareness of one’s postures outside of class – neck and shoulders tightness from hunching over or when feeding the baby, or even soreness around the wrists and hips from habitually carrying the baby on one arm. Being aware of the detrimental effects of such postures enables mummies to move in ways that are more sustainable and prevent such aches.

Adapting to the role of a mother can be stressful when it seems like there are so many things to worry about. Getting yourself up and out of the house to be on the mat is a form of self-care, as you interact with the other mothers in class and become part of that community. Who knows, you may even learn a trick or two that may help in your journey of motherhood!

Last but not least, Natalie and the AoY team hope that this simple celebration brought some joy to the mummies who attended. Here’s wishing all our mummies a safe, easy delivery and a healthy baby!