New to yoga? Guide for Newbies

With over 20 classes, it is normal for to feel confused over which class to attend if you are new.

Which is why we are dedicating this post to you!

Visit our class menu page and click on the individual class types to learn more.

Before booking online, ensure you have purchase a package or pass.

Visit our Fees page to do so.

NOTE- your pass/package activates when you purchase it.

Refer to the class booking page to secure a mat for yourself.

Now that you have completed your booking, all you have to do is show up 15 minutes before the class. Giving yourself enough buffer time for unforeseen circumstances ( eg. rainy weather / getting lost/ etc).

If you are unable to attend, cancel at least 2 hours before the starting time to avoid forfeiting your pass.

If you have any other questions, kindly refer to our FAQ page or contact us if it is not listed there.