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A real estate agent is a person who is dedicated to managing, carrying out, or advising on some type of real estate transaction, whether it is rental, sale, exchange, or transfer of real estate.

The role of a real estate agent will always be to manage.

The task of a professional who operates in the real estate market will always be to manage. His task is to support clients and sellers through advice to facilitate the negotiation of properties. However, his work can sometimes be done with the sale or exchange of properties.

As previously stated, it also focuses on the field of rental properties. And in this sense, the responsibility is even more serious. Many real estate agencies are responsible for keeping the owners’ properties for rent.

At this point, the real estate agent is committed to being aware of everything that happens with each rented property (and its respective client) so that the owner receives the rental profits month after month.

Work level

Details the proposal you present it must meet certain standards. For example, you are having sales offices installed in projects under development, having specialized talent, defining a consumer protection policy, etc.

The job of a real estate agent

In his day-to-day life, the real estate agent must perform various tasks of various kinds. For simplicity, we can group all this work into three facets: administrative, commercial, and negotiator.

Management and administration functions

Most tasks undertaken by a real estate agent are primarily administrative in nature: drafting contracts, showcasing new condo singapore, detailing property characteristics, taking photographs, managing advertisements both in print and online, and preparing properties for visits (a process often referred to as home staging). In essence, these tasks lay the groundwork for what comes next. To sell or rent a property, one must attract clients. And for clients to take notice, the advertisement must be compelling—it’s a basic rule of three. Moreover, when a transaction is finalized, the agent handles interactions with the notary and legal representatives.

Deal maker

To finish convincing a potential interested party, a real estate agent must have, on the one hand, empathy to understand the client’s needs and offer a solution and, on the other, the ability to negotiate.


The real estate agent is the only one who knows the rules of the game in the sector and knows what laws apply in each area. An asset that plays a lot in his favor to finish convincing the client.


Before you sign, it’s time to negotiate the price. The agent is an intermediary, so he must seek the best solution for both parties while remaining loyal to neither party nor his interests. 

The legal aspect

The first aspect that a real estate agent must master is the entire legal and legal environment that gives life to the real estate sector. A professional in this category must know, for example, how to interpret the deeds of a property. This is essential knowledge that allows you to manage the commercial activities that arise from said property.

Whether the property is going to be sold, exchanged, or rented, the real estate agent must be objective when interpreting this document in order to draft a serious contract that benefits the parties involved in the business.

In the legal aspect, a real estate agent has the mission of advising clients so that they can carry out their procedures in a timely manner. For example, he may be in charge of guiding the client’s entire mortgage process, helping to manage all the documentation so that the bank approval is a success.


Know the real estate market.

The legal aspect is really very broad, and there is a lot to study. That is why it is very common for a professional lawyer to end up working with a real estate agency to lend and make use of all his knowledge regarding national legislation.

However, a good real estate agent has to have a general idea of ​​what is happening in the real estate market to know how to consider the value of a property. The agent must then know issues such as the value of a square meter in a given location in a city or how the age of a property greatly influences the price, among other issues.

A good agent can then provide all the advice to clients so that the purchase of a home is the most successful. Suppose an agent perceives that the seller is offering his property at a price higher than its actual value. In that case, he will not hesitate to alert the family or will get the seller to reconsider his offer at a more reasonable value.

Excellent corporate image

One of the characteristics that most impacts clients is the way in which the real estate agency offers its services. Today, when technology is essential in the development of any commercial activity, having an excellent website with impeccable photographs and videos that show the properties, with search software that helps you locate what you need, with updated social networks, It is essential, and that says a lot about the agency you are hiring.

That your agency has these characteristics not only translates professionalism and quality but also saves time for you. Well, through websites and social networks, you can inquire about properties, receive personalized advice, and even buy remotely, without even leaving your home.

  In conclusion, some people are dedicated to this type of commerce, but they need to be sufficiently prepared, much less accredited. That is why you must have professional help to support you in any process of purchasing your home.

Listening ability

In many places, advisors stay with the initial information: “I need a house, with three bedrooms, a patio and a garage .” This alone is enough for them to start an unsuccessful search that does not consider the details because in the end, everything counts.

Your real estate agency must have the ability to listen to you, and the advisors must understand, from beginning to end, what you are looking for. Implicit in this simple action is empathy, that feeling you get when you feel that they really want to give you the best, what you are looking for, what you deserve, and not what they are interested in selling.

Support from technological means:

Perhaps one of your greatest limitations is that you do not know the business or you do not have contacts in this medium, but don’t worry, with the acquisition of real estate software, you will have access to the entire property market and the best of all is If you have a real estate CRM, it will allow you to provide each client with the attention they need.

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