Who WE Are

Our Objective

Our commitment transcends mere transactions. We prioritize building enduring relationships and fostering satisfaction through transparent communication and personalized service.

A legal and secure contract

When it comes to housing rental benefits with an agency, rest assured that the contract will be in accordance with the law. Did you know that legislation is constantly changing? It is possible that you overlook something and that you enter into a contract that is not completely legal, so there is nothing like leaving the lease in the hands of the experts.

Activities of a real estate agency

To summarize the services offered by a real estate agency, we have to review the activities that a real estate agent carries out in a real estate operation from start to finish.

Guaranteed and safe rental

Since you are renting the property through the experts, why not do it with a guaranteed payment rental agency

One of the most common concerns of tenants is what to do in case of delays and moratoriums by tenants. What to do if the tenant does not pay the rent? Before worrying about this, there is nothing like trusting the experts of an agency like Rental+.

Advice and management

You will advise and work from both the buying and selling sides. One of its main objectives is to search for properties and potential buyers or tenants.

Constantly train

To be a good leader and go far in this profession, it is necessary to be in continuous training. Our real estate blog is a good resource to stay up to date with the latest news in the Peruvian real estate sector.

Be a leader of a work team

The experience of the Peruvian Real Estate Society training real estate agents denotes that in this environment, being a good real estate agent is being a leader of a work team that closes sales that fit the needs. The client should be the aspiration of any real estate agent.

Commit to providing the intermediation service personally.

When we use the phrase “takes it personally,” we are assuming that that person will do everything necessary beyond what is strictly professional. Because something personal is something that affects us directly and for which we do much more than what is expected of us.

Our Customer Says

The property agent was perfect and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend

Frances Wright

Thank you very much for your good work and attention. You are great professionals and above all good people.

Joe Wallace

Very good professionals in every sense, their advice and management is perfect. I am very glad to have dealt with them.

Millicent Bearden

They are very good professionals. Very interested in selling my house. Without making a problem of anything. Insistent.

Jack Stafford

My experience with Art of yoga has been excellent. It is a serious team, agile in management, discreet in treatment and that transmits confidence from the beginning. I would trust without hesitation in any real estate management.

Elaine Slocum

I bought an apartment at the end of May, and the attention and professionalism Art of yoga has been excellent, they have been concerned and solved all the doubts and setbacks in a very agile way, it has been very personalized attention. They have taken care of all the details, even those after the sale.

Marine Woo

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