Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that every real estate advisor should ask a potential buyer

Real estate advisor

Primary residence, second residence for the summer, property to rent and make profits... Not all clients are looking for a home in which to reside permanently. 

Be interested in the use that your potential buyer will give it to choose the type of property you suggest.

An apartment, a chalet, a townhouse on the outskirts, an attic, a ground floor, a property with land, a second-hand home, a new home… There are multiple options, so it will be critical that you are clear about your client’s preferences as a real estate advisor to offer them the best houses. 

As a real estate advisor, this information will allow you to limit the number of properties to show to the client and save visits to homes that do not interest them. You will optimize sales time!

To know approximately which dimensions the client is interested in, check how many people make up the family unit.

Also, ask if there are children and older adults and what services they need (schools, health centres…). In this way, you can help the client decide in which neighbourhood to buy the home and propose different options.

Before continuing with the other questions about the property of your dreams, ask the most essential thing: the approximate budget. From there, it will be easier to find a suitable home for the client according to their price range. 

Not all clients looking to buy a home know the real estate prices in their area. Knowing the budget will be vital to focus the search for the perfect property better.

Suitable Subtitle

Some families indicate that the most important thing is that the home has a garden, balcony or terrace, while others prefer more interior space for all family members. Consult it to filter among your available homes for sale correctly. 

Your job will be to listen very well to its dispensable and essential elements (elevator, parking space…). This way, you can show them the properties in your portfolio that best suit their preferences. 

Buyers who need to sell a house previously will have a more extended period to buy since they must first sell their current apartment to buy the new property. Knowing this information will be vital to focusing the sale.

Your task is to help the client and provide all the necessary information. To do this, you will need to know their situation as a real estate advisor. If the buyer requests a mortgage to purchase the apartment, you must know his income and the savings available for the down payment… Thus, you can tell if the financial institutions can grant him the mortgage loan and what his profile is.

Teleworking, school-age children, preferences regarding the home’s orientation (afternoon sun, morning sun…), need to travel by public transport… 

To put yourself in the client’s shoes and know what type of home is ideal, you must have information about your lifestyle and habits.

This question is vital to know if it is a good idea to show you homes that need renovations or, directly, apartments ready to move into

Some clients are looking for an apartment to move into in the medium term and are in no hurry, while others need it imminently for a specific need (end of the rental contract, transferring from another city…).

Would you buy today if the perfect home existed?

This is a very crucial question. You will know the client’s short-term intention if you ask them directly: would you take the step if we found the perfect home today?

This question will allow you to identify whether or not the client is determined to buy and establish a more appropriate property sales strategy. By taking into account your situation regarding the purchasing process, you will be able to personalize all your actions.